Monday, March 18, 2013

Dupe Monday

Good evening!

I've decided to bring back my dupe posts, at least until I run out of dupes to post about lol.

Up for consideration tonight are two OPI colors, Wreathed in Red and I've "Red" the Script. These were both released as part of holiday collections. Both are gorgeous reds and perfect for the hoidays. Here is the bottle shot:

Wreathed in Red is on the left, I've "Red" the Script on the right. For my comparison, I applied two coats of each with no topcoat.

Again, Wreathed on the left, Script on the right.

Index and ring are Wreathed, middle and pinky are Script. Aside from the shimmer, these two are pretty much the same color. Wreathed has a red shimmer to it, while Script had blue/purple shimmer. Unless you're a red lover like me, you really don't need both of these :P

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