Sunday, March 24, 2013

More random swatches

Good evening!

I know I normally post my Stamping Sunday challenges, but, well, today's was a fail in my opinion. The theme was spring flowers, and I had a great idea, but the execution left something to be desired.

So, instead of showing pics of my dailure (didn't take any, anyways), I'll show you some swatches I've been sitting on. Both are from OPI. The first one up is You Glitter be Good to Me from last year's Breast Cancer Awareness, which was paired with I Think in Pink. You Glitter be Good to Me is mix of large and small pink and rose gold glitter. It's not as dense as it appears to be in bottle, so you will definitely want to layer if you don't want to more than two coats of a glitter on the nail. For my swatch, I did three coats of it alone, no topcoat (although I prolly should have swatched it over at least one other color :P). First is inside with a flash, second is outside no flash.

The next swatch is one of OPI's glow in the dark polishes, Zombody to Love. This is from their Spookettes set. Zombody to Love is a lime green color that you could wear alone, even though it's rather sheer, or wear layered over, say, white to make it pop. Zombody dries to a matte finish. Now, I did 3 coats of this for my swatch and it was still more sheer than I like. Both of my pics were taken during the day, because my camera just doesn't like trying to photograph glow in the dark polishes. First is inside with a flash, second is outside no flash, no topcoat on either.

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