Saturday, November 9, 2013

Getting caught up!

Good evening!!

So, yeah, this week has been hectic. Between not working, because my Jeep broke down last week (>.<), then working and trying to get stuff done, and adjusting to my husband's new work schedule still, things are quite unsettled here. I've been pretty exhausted at night, so hadn't felt up to posting, even though I have four manis to share :) Tonight was the first evening all week that I'm still cognizant enough at this point to do so.

Let's jump right in!

Yesterday was Texture Friday, and for that I did an entire mani with Zoya Liberty. I'm not sure I have before; I know that I have used her as an accent, but I'm just too lazy to look and see if I had for an entire or not :P Let it be known, I am nicknaming Liberty the Great Blue Stainer, because that's what she is. Holy hell! I love this color, but wow, the staining I had around and on my nails was horrible. I love my blues, and this is price I pay for the more green toned blues.

My mani was two coats over bare nails.

For Thursday's mani, I wanted something dark and vampy, but still a little fun. I actually had to redo this mani, because the first time, not only did it just not look right, but my SV was giving me fits. I'm guessing it didn't like my filed back length much, since it kept shrinking up on the free edge. Perfect opportunity for me to try out a different topcoat.

My final mani was Zoya Raven with accents of Zoya Suri on my thumbs and ring fingers, each at two coats. With my last Zoya order, I received a free bottle of the Qtica Extending Topcoat. It's nowhere near as thick as SV, but it is nice and shiny, and I didn't have any chips at the end of the day. I do recommend you use some kind of drying drops, because it takes a long time to dry, even with a rapid dry spray.

Wednesday's  mani was none too complicated either. Two coats of OPI's Eurso Euro, one coat of Finger Paints Motley, one coat of Seche.

And Tuesday's mani. This was when I first noticed SV giving me fits, although this one wasn't as bad as Wed. and Thurs's manis. Thank goodness for photo editting, since I didn't have time to change Wednesday's!

This mani started with a base of 2 coats of Zoya Blaze followed by Seche. Dry, dry, dry, then time to stamp. I got some plates in last week from Nailways. They have some amazing plates; I picked up the Darker Period set, and used NW00013 for this mani, stamped in Pure Ice Silver Mercedes. Topped it off with Seche and done.

Can you tell I've been really feeling the darker, fall colors this week? :)

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