Sunday, June 10, 2012

A bright mani for gloomy weather!

Good evening!

So, I'm two days late posting this mani. This is what I was rockin' for Friday. Pretty much all last week the weather was absolute crap here. I could've dealt with it being cloudy all the time, but the humidity made it feel like I was walking around in soup whenever I left the house >.< Gotta love summer in Florida! So in an effort to brighten up my mood (because that weather seriously did in my sinuses and head), I did a bright mani for Friday. For that of you that don't like Shatter/Crackle, I suggest you skip this :P

I started with 3 coats of Zoya Arizona. It seems no matter what, I have to use 3 coats for the cremes I have from that collection. I don't know why, maybe because they're so pigemented it makes them thicker and harder to work with? I don't know. I topped with SV and let that dry. Seche did take care of most of the streaks that lingered after the third coat. Once that was dry, I pulled one of my least used Shatters: Pink Shatter for Breast Cancer Awareness last year. In the bottle, it's a vibrant medium pink. On the nail, it becomes more jelly like, as is the case with the Red and Blue Shatters. Over Arizona, it became really bright. I know in my pics it looks more orange, but trust me, it's pink. I got a lot compliments on it :) Topped all with SV again and done!

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