Thursday, June 28, 2012

Neon Pink Wednesday.......err... Thurdsday :P

Good evening!

Sorry for being late with yesterday's post. I've been trying to cope with the reappearance of someone that I haven't spoken to in over three years and never thought I would see again in my life. It's been very wearying and emotionally draining, leaving me exhausted. I won't bore you with any details; suffice it to say things are coming back to the surface that I would rather stay buried x.x

Anyways. Over the weekend, I treated myself to a little retail therapy. I had a coupon for Ulta and finally some time to be able to go again. I also stopped in Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I'll be showing you the other goodies I got in the coming days, but today's post is dedicated to one beauty in particular.

As you've prolly seen, one of the big trends right now is neons. Personally, I'm kinda over already. Neons seem to be on trend every summer, imo, so why keep repeating it? I only own a handful myself, and that's limited to pinks and blues for the most part. Neon yellow, orange, and green are all way too highlighter for me and just do not look good.

While I was in BBB, I went to look at their polish display. Right away, I noticed the Color Club neon display, lol. I passed over most of them, but did pick two that I liked and didn't have anything similiar to, one of which I'm about to show you. Like most neons, the two I picked up dry to a mostly matte finish.

When choosing what to do for yesterday, I immediately reached for CC's All That Razz, which is a gorgeous neon berry pink. Out of my own curiousity, I decided to layer it over one coat of Milani's White on the spot (which is awesome, btw). I wanted to see if layering ATR would really make it brighter, and boy it did.

Like I said, I started with one very nice coat of WOTS, then layered three thin coats of ATR and topped with SV. It didn't take all that long to dry, since neons tend to dry quicker. It wasn't retina- searing, but it was bright!

Now, you may recall I mentioned last week or the before I ordered a new stamper, an XL, squishy stamper; this mani gave me the opportunity to try it out. I did have to rough up the stamper a little with a nail board so it would pick up images better, but I have no complaints otherwise. This new stamper is so much better and easier to use. For my mani, I used BM 205 and Konad Special White to stamp with. The image covered all but my thumbs nicely.

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