Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pink Wednesday!

Good evening and happy Pink Wednesday!

I'm gonna try to keep this short, as I've just exhausted and my typing gets hella bad when I'm like this lol.

So, lately I've been seeing alot of gradient manis, and have done a few recently myself. Yesterday, I was browsing LTHP's blog post, and she posted a very helpful tutorial for gradients. This one calls for using a damp sponge, which I thought was interesting and decided to give it whirl.

I must say, I love the results I got on today's pink mani!

I started with two coats of OPI's Pink Friday. I personally don't like using a white or nude base for my gradients; I prefer to use my lightest color as the base, so as get it more opaque. I topped with SV and let that all dry before proceeding to do as the tutorial said. The other colors I used were OPI's Kiss me on my Tulips and China Glaze's Fuschia Fanatic. I went over my nails twice with the gradient and topped it all with SV. See for yourselves!

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