Saturday, June 2, 2012

Happy Saturday!

Good morning and happy Saturday! I hope the sun is shining where you're at on this second day of June. Wow, I can't believe it's June already. That means hurricane season is upon us here in FL xD Even though, you know, we've already had two named storms lol.

Anyways!! I wanted to show y'all the mani I rocked yesterday. I meant to get it posted last night, but it had been a long week, and a pissy ass day, and I ended up going to bed early. But better today than not at all!

Yesterday's mani featured two new polishes; new to me and new, current collections. The first is my base, Maybelline's Sapphire Siren from their Color Show collection. SS is exactly that- a sapphire blue creme that tries to be a jelly with its incredible shine. I did two coats of it and was very happy with it. Staining was very minimal, which surprised me. I topped with SV and let that dry.

The second polish is Gleam me Up from China Glaze's Crackle Glitter collection. GMU is a turquoise/teal colored glitter crackle. It's no where near as opaque as it looks in the bottle, which was a teeny bit disappointing to me, but that disappeared once I saw how nice it looked over SS. I did a kind of thick coat, so it would crackle nice and topped one last time with SV. Now, being that it is glitter, GMU is a topcoat eater, so you'll want to use possibly a second coat of SV or something like Gelous to get it smooth. I only did one coat over it and really wish I had done another. Also, you will want to use acetone to take it off.

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