Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Zoya ombre

Good evening!!

Wow, what a horribly, rainy week we've had here in FL! It's been a rainy summer, but that's actually the norm for us, not this drought crap we've had going on the last several years. We've had so much rain in my area, we had a flood warning yesterday. Nothing like the devastation in Colorado, mind you, but enough pretty much all summer that we saturated lol. I'm not complaining, though, we needed it :)

Surprisingly, I've been rocking the same mani I'm about to post since Monday, with no chips and very little tip wear. Mind = blown lol. I really couldn't be bothered to change it for today, since there was really nothing wrong with it. Plus, I had new TV shows to watch last night and I didn't want to be distracted :P

I did an ombre mani, because I don't remember how long it's been since I last did one, if ever. Most ombres I've seen are usually done in creme finishes. Sadly, I don't own enough in any color range of cremes to do that, but I do in shimmers. Well, at least blue shimmers, the other color ranges are iffy.

All my colors are from Zoya, and, with the exception of Tart, are 2 coats each with a coat of Seche to finish it off. Tart needed three to make me happy. Starting at my thumb, is Tallulah, Tart, Song, Ibiza, and Raven.

Before I go, I ask that you take a look at my purge tab :) I've updated my list and created a Pinterest board for it as well as added prices. I'd like to get them out of here, so if you don't like my prices, make an offer! Also, I have a board for nail polish bottle ornaments I've made. They're not mini bottles of polish, but mini bottles that I've made into ornaments with polish I own or bought for that purpose. All the deets are in that tab!

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