Monday, September 30, 2013

Matte swatches

Good evening!

I have some texture swatches to share with you all tonight, in the form of mattes :) I managed to pick up some of my matte lemmings recently, two from OPI and two from Zoya. Let's get started!

First up are the two OPIs, starting with Gargantuan Green Grape Matte. I like this color, but I definitely wouldn't call it grape green. Application was pretty much how most mattes are for me: usually streaky until the third coat, which is how many it needed, three coats.

The second OPI is a Suede, OPI Ink, which I surprisingly don't own the original lol. Two coats for my swatch.

The Zoyas are, in my opinion, very much the same are OPI's Suedes. They have that same velvety feel and muted shimmer and sparkle. The first is Dovima, a true matte black shimmer. You can absolutely tell that this is black and not charcoal grey like Loredana. My swatch was done with 2 coats.

The other Zoya matte I have is Savita. Savita is a gorgeous matte purple shimmer. The color reminds me of a darker, matte version Zoya Danni. Three coats for this swatch.

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