Monday, November 14, 2011

Challenge #22- inspired by a song

Good afternoon! Yes, I know, it's Monday, but for some the workday should be almost over! Mondays are typically my day off, so I'm taking the time to post this challenge I did over the weekend.

This one was definitely a pain the ass. I had a hard time picking a song, then deciding on what to do on my nails. I finally decided on Katy Perry's Last Friday Night (love it!), but was still stumped on what to do. I broke down and watched the video for it, hoping to gain inspiration that way.

I sure did! Technically, this mani is inspired by Katys mani in the video, but I figured since it was for this song, it would do. I watched a couple of youtube tuts on how to do it, then did it a bit different.

I started with 2 coats of Sinful Colors 24/7, which looks horrible on me (the tuts I watched called for Pink Cream, but the Walgreens I went to was out. Prolly would have looked better with that.) Granted, it's a bright, neon pink, even brighter than China Glaze's Pink Voltage, but a bad color for my skintone. Here are a couple of awful, indoor night time pics lol. Topped with SV, of course, so it would dry quicker.

Ok, now, instead of freehanding this, I taped off above the cuticles and a squarish corner on the left side of my nails. You can kinda see it in the next two pics.

The other color I used for the last part was also Sinful Colors in Innocent. I just brushed it on then peeled the tape off. I did this one hand at a time, one finger at a time. Topped with SV and let it completely dry before doing the same on my right hand.

All in all, this was a cute mani, but the colors looked just horrible on me. I think if I were to do this mani again, I'd use different colors. I'll save these, though, and prolly use them for a splatter mani lol.

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