Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Challenge #24- inspired by a book

Good evening! Almost didn't make it for Pink Wednesday; that's what happens when I have to stay late for work.... Don't get me started >.>

Today's challenge is one of a few that I struggled with. It really took some thinking to come up with just one book, seeing as how much I love to read, and I read quite a variety. I finally settled on an old favorite- For the Roses, by Julie Garwood.

I chose one passage in particular for inspiration: how the Clayborne family got the name for their home. Here's how it happened.....

"Cole and Mary Rose reached Rosehill a few minutes later. When she was just eight years old, she had named their home. She'd found what she believed were wild roses growing out on the hillside, declared it was a message sent to them from God telling them they were never supposed to leave, and all because her name was Mary Rose and so was her mama's. Adam didn't want to dampen her enthusiasm. For that reason, he didn't tell her that the flowers were pink fireweed, not roses. He also felt that naming their ranch might give his sister an added bit of security. The name stuck, and within a year, even the residents of Blue Belle were calling the Clayborne homestead by the fanciful name."

I took my inspiration from that, and covered my nails with "roses", lol. Started with 2 coats of Sparrow Me the Drama from OPI and let that dry without a topcoat. I used BM plate 16 and Manicurist of Seville to create the flowers. I was surprised at how red they came out, since I've read there aren't too many that stamp as red, but pink instead. I did go over my nails a few times with the image to make sure they were coverd. I like how they came out.

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