Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Challenge #3- yellow nails

Woot for two posts in one day! Finally winding down on these challenges and I'm trying to get them done before Thanksgiving next week. Five left after this one and done!

So, yeah, yellow nails. I have exactly two yellow polishes now, and I'm really just meh about them both. One I've had for awhile, and I just hate working with it. It streaks so bad, plus it's more a spring yellow than something for fall, so I ended up getting a more golden yellow for this.

Let me just say this: I'm not real impressed with Sinful Colors. The formulas are kinda runny and chipped faster than my other polishes. But the price was right for something that I'm prolly not gonna wear very often. In edition to the two colors in the previous post, I also got Let's Meet from Sinful Colors. While I'm not wild about the color on me, it's a pretty, golden yellow with a touch of shimmer. Even after 3 coats, it was still sheer....

.... So I sponged on Outta Sight Orange from FingerPaints. I just love that  orange glitter and I think it made the mani. Topped it all off with SV, of course :P

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