Sunday, November 6, 2011

Challenge #4- Green nails

Quick little post for this challenge!  I was kinda dreading this one because, if you knew me, you would know how much I don't like, even the pretty, jewel tones that do look good on me. I don't really know why, I think my mother put me in green way too often when I was little or something. I tend to shy away from greens, though.

For this post, I'm showcasing a pretty much, brand new polish. I got this last year, I think right after Christmas and haven't had the opportunity to wear, not even to swatch it. It is, perhaps, the darkest I'll go in green. What color is this? Why, I'm talking about Fell From the Tree by Nicole by OPI!

It's a pretty Christmas green with a touch of shimmer. It does have a hint of blue, so that could be why I'm able to tolerate it, lol. By itself, while very pretty, I think it's kinda boring, so I bet it would look amazing with either Gold or Silver Shatter, or even Red Shatter, layered on top. Here it is, two coats, could have done with a third Imo, and topped with SV.

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