Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Paloma jelly sammich!

Good morning!!

Ok, so earlier in the week I posted a swatch of the beautiful Paloma from Zoya. Well, I loved this color so much that I had to do a jelly sammich with yesterday for Pink Wednesday. The resulting look has got to be, by far, my fave jelly sammich. I really can't wait to make a jelly sammich out of Frida next!

To start, instead of using a creme as I normally do, I applied two coats of Paloma and let that dry. I then applied a not so thick coat of OPI's You Glitter be Good to Me!, then one final coat of Paloma and SV. My pics don't show just how sparkly this mani still was; that's what happens when you have tropical storm sitting off your coast. Clouds, clouds, and more clouds when I wanted to take pics -.-

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