Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Good evening and welcome to October!

I totally meant to post something yesterday, but I got wrapped up in my fall shows :) Yay for new episodes! I finally have things to watch again, aside for classic movies lol.

So, the start of October is also the start of Breast Cancer Awareness. I'm sure we all know what it means by now, so I won't bore anyone with the deets :P Halloween is this month too (duh). In honor of both, I've decided I'm going to alternate awareness manis and Halloween manis. Today is BCA mani.

Every year for the last several years, OPI has released a single color or a set. This year it was set: core color in the Soft Shades collection, Pink-ing of You, and a newcomer, a matte formula glitter called More than a Glimmer. Honestly, I just wanted the glitter, since I don't particularly care for most pastel pink cremes.

More than a Glimmer is, I believe, OPI's first matte formula glitter. MTAG is a matte drying clear base loaded with pinky, teal, gold, and silver hex glitters of different sizes. I can say that I don't have anything like it, but I'm also not sure of how unique it is for everyone else. Regardless, I most likely would have gotten because of what it supports :)

This mani started with 2 coats of Pink-ing of You. If I had worn it alone, I think I would have needed a third and maybe a fourth coat. I let it dry pretty well, while cleaning up around my cuticles, before moving on. MTAG applied pretty well for a glitter. I think I remember reading on the package, that OPI says to use a single coat. I did two (and regretted it upon removal) for more coverage. I found it a little rough when it was dry, so I added a coat of Seche then a coat of OPI's Matte Coat. Trust me, even though I did that, it looks exactly the same as without that.

I love this year's set :) I can't wait to try it over other colors!

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