Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Howl You Doin'?

Good evening!

I wanted to share with you tonight a polish that I received just last week as part of a secret Halloween swap I was in this year. It's kind of funny; when I was out shopping for my secret pumpkin, I picked up this very same polish for her, and almost kept it for myself. That's how much I liked it :P

It was really hard to resist buying one for me as the weeks went, but resist I did. There hasn't ever really been a color from a Halloween collection that I've wanted as badly as I had with China Glaze's Howl You?, since Halloween isn't really anything more than a kids' holiday (to me). I like Halloween, don't get me wrong, but I'm not as into it as many people I know are. The same can be said for the Halloween collections of late. Howl You Doin'? is pretty much the only one that called to me.

So imagine how happy I was to find it was gifted to me! I had to get it on my nails as soon as I could, which was today. HYD is dark purple jelly base with what appears to me purple and orange glitters with maybe some flakies in there. At least, that's how it appears on the nail to me.

For my mani, I layered one coat of HYD over OPI's Lincoln Park After Dark, and added a coat of Seche. Simple and sooooo gorgeous. I know two of my pics are a bit blurry, but they do show off the glitters and what I think are flakies pretty well.

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