Thursday, October 10, 2013

Witches and bats!

Good evening!

Boy, I'm on a roll this week! I'm trying to stay on top of my posting, especially since tomorrow marks my fourth day of work this week, and also the fifth day in a row I've changed up my mani x.x That's some kind of record for me, considering I don't normally work that much lol. Here's to staying busy!

Today was supposed to be Halloween themed, and I kinda pulled this one outta my ass as far as ideas. Purple and green are two colors that get used alot for Halloween, in addition to black and orange, so those first two became my base in the form of a Saran Wrap mani. Colors used were both OPI, Your Palapa or Mine? and Funky Dunkey.

Don't ask me why I chose to do witches and bats, I just did :P Maybe it's because they both fly, I don't know lol. The images I used came from Winstonia W116 and Bundle Monster BM13, all stamped in Sinful Colors Black on Black. I almost matte this mani but decided against it.

I don't have a pic of what I stamped on my thumb, since mine unknowingly came out blurry -.- But, yeah, it was different from the other fingers.

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