Saturday, October 26, 2013

Random Zoya swatches

Good evening!

I don't have any cool manis to share with you tonight, so I'm gonna share instead some Zoya swatches that I haven't gotten around to posting :P

The first are from the Candy collection, Tart and Yummy. Tart is, like, Tallulah's older sister, being a bit darker, but still maintaining that glowy shimmer that we've come to expect from Zoya. Yummy is a lighter, true blue creme that applied sooo nicely.

Tart's swatch is three coats, Yummy is two.

Next, is Danni from the Intimates collection. Danni is Malia's wild, foil cousin. They're pretty the same red toned purple, Danni's a foil where Malia is a creme. Danni's swatch is two coat, even though done right, you could do just one.

Sharon is a special one. She was released as part of a limited edition set created for Peter Som's Spring 2013 fashion show. Unlike many of the other colors that Zoya has created for fashion show, this one wasn't renamed and released in a seasonal collection. I managed to get mine in a sales group on Face Book :)

Sharon is an orange that is noticeably darker than Arizona. Do you need both? Not in my opinion, no, unless you are a sucker for orange cremes :) My swatch was done with 3 coats of Sharon.

Last of all, is Madison. Madison is one of those colors I picked up because I have next to none of them, and there's a good reason why. I. Hate. NUDES!! Why? Because they're streaky as shit and take so many coats to get evenness. Madison is great for doing Frenches of any kind, I would just recommend some kind of milky base or something for the streakiness. My swatch took 5 coats for evenness x.x

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