Friday, October 25, 2013

Super shiny and smooth meets super sparkly and textured!

Good evening!

So, today is my Texture Friday feature. I chose to do a mix of texture for today's mani: the shininess and sleekness of a jelly and the sparklyness and matte-ness of Pixie Dust.

Both my colors are from Zoya, Paloma and Arabella. Paloma is from last fall's Gloss collection, and is a bright, glowy berry pink. I had forgotten just how bright and glowy it is, I totally had it confused with Katharine from the Gloss collection. Arabella is described by Zoya as a fuschia pink, but I think it's more berry pink, or at least it has sparkles that are.

I used Arabella as accents on my thimbs and ring finger, only needing two coats for it. Paloma went on the remaining fingers, needing 3 coats. I think I could have done a fourth, but I was worried about it being too thick after I used Seche.

As much as I love the colors of the textured polishes I have, I really wish someone would make a teal color :) Not blue, not green, but teal. I would love that.

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  1. I agree a teal pixie dust would be awesome,maybe you can write to the pixiedust people