Saturday, October 5, 2013

Shattered Halloween

Good evening!

I'm gonna make this a quick little post, since I'm PSM-y tonight and therefore tired earlier than usual.

This was yesterday's mani, and was my day to do something Halloween themed. I kept it simple, and it still had a textured look to it. My base colors were Zoya Carly on thumbs and ring fingers, and Zoya Amy on the others at two coats each, topped with Seche. Once dry, I applied a coat of OPI's Black Shatter followed by a last coat Seche.


  1. People keep saying that the shatter or crackle look is out but I still love it! It is so easy to do and the effect is amazing. I love this and you can bet I will be copying you in short order! Great job!

  2. Thank you! I still love the look of it also, no matter what other people say :P I must have 20 or more still, with a few that I haven't used yet!