Friday, October 11, 2013

Texture Friday

Good evening!

Whew, what a busy week it's been! Season has started here in FL, and that means thing are picking up at work :) Which means more hours for me, yay! I don't mind really, I'd much rather be busy than sitting on my ass like I do all summer when it's slow xD

So, today is Texture Friday, and also a pink mani day. Keeping with that, I did up my nails in Zoya Miranda, which actually happens to be the only pink textured polish I own, surprisingly lol. Miranda is a lovely, medium rose pink base with matching glitters. The formula for this Pixie Dust is the same as the first collection Zoya released earlier in the year. Two coats was all that was needed for opacity and application was easy, just like all my other Zoyas :)

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