Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A couple of OPI swatches

Good evening!

In a continuing effort to post my ridiculously behind batch of swatches, I have a few to share tonight. It's just two and they're both OPI, Yes...I Can-Can! and We'll Always Have Paris Suede. Both colors are originally from the France collection before OPI made WAHP into a Suede.

Oddly enough, I found the two of them, on seperate occasions, at the same salon, which makes me want to go back a third time to see what other treasures I can find. Maybe my much loved and lusted after Santiago Sangria!

On to the swatches! Yes...I Can-Can! is a gorgeous dark red shimmer. It's definitely not as dark as Black Cherry Chutney, and the shimmer isn't as subtle. It's beautiful; I feel in love with this color when a fellow nail student found one during a visit to Salon Centric. That was last fall; I found mine a few weeks ago :) My swatch is doone with 3 coats, which kinda surprised me for such a dark color, and no topcoat. The first pic makes it appear lighter than it really is, but the second is more accurate.

Next is We'll Always Have Paris Suede. I don't have the original to compare the two, but I do love the suede version. It does chip fast, making it rather inappropriate for long wear, unless you topcoat it (which I should have done to show you xD). My swatch was done with two coats, indoor with a flash, outdoor without.

I have plenty more swatches to show you all, as long as I can get pics cropped and posted, lol. Also, over the next several weeks, I'm going to be revamping my OPI Swatches page. Many of the pics look horrible, and there's several colors missing (not sure how the f*** that happened since I remember taking the pics), so look for that :)

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