Monday, April 1, 2013

Dupe Monday

Good evening and Happy April Fool's! Have you fallen for any pranks/jokes today? Or were you the mastermind behind one (or a few!)? I didn't pull any, but I certainly fell for one xD Needless to say, I was little embarrassed and annoyed about it, but oh, well. It was harmless lol.

Tonight's dupe post is no joke though. Up for comparison are OPI's DS Coronation and Milani's HD. Here's the bottle pic:

Just by that alone, you can tell that they are very close. Once I got them on the nails, I couldn't really tell the difference, to be honest, except for the formula. Coronation took 3 while HD needed 4 (note, this may be user error, not the fault of the polish). See for yourself. Index and ring fingers are Coronation, middle and pinky are HD, no topcoat at all. I know the third pic is blurry, but even in that one you can't see any difference between the two.

Final thought: if you can't find Coronation in your area, or you just don't want to pay the price for the DS line, I recommend getting the Milani. In addition to the silver holo, they have 3 or 4 other colors available in the 3D holo line that are very pretty. They're scattered holo, but holo nonetheless. So, at about a quarter of the price and readily available, I'd say it's a win win :)

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