Sunday, April 7, 2013

Stamping Sunday....... fail

Good evening!

This has been a long, busy weekend here at my house. I ended up having to do today's mani challenge yesterday, since I wasn't going to be home last night to do it. My idea was a good one..... I just should have used a different stamping color =\

The theme for today's challenge was over an orange base. Ok, no problem, two coats of Zoya Myrta. I had my brand new Apipila plate I wanted to try out; there's an image on there that looks like a splatter. I wanted to use a grey to stamp with, so I pulled out Sinful Colors Ardroise........ Yeah >.< Myrta made Ardroise look like brown, so it didn't stand out much. I should have used either black or white or something else.

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