Thursday, April 11, 2013

Not the best week......

Good evening!

My apologies for not being around much this week. I've been sleeping horribly; either my insomnia is coming (>.>) or my hormones are really screwing. Either way, I've been exhausted, and today, I've started feeling like I'm getting an ear infection or a cold or some such nuisance. It's made me miserable, regardless.

Anyways, I owe you a couple of manis, starting with yesterday's. Dotted manis, or dotticures, have become really popular lately. I've done them before, and wanted to do one again with more feminine colors. I started with 2 coats of Zoya Katy and let that dry. I pulled outs my dotting tools and added dots in Zoya Purity, Raven, and Shelby, topped with Seche.

Love how it turned out!

Tuesday's mani turned out really well also. That one was a gradient with Zoya Blu and Neely. The colors blended so well, and looked even better when I matted it with OPI's matte topcoat.

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