Thursday, April 18, 2013

Swatchy swatchy!

Goooood evening, everyone!

I have some more swatches for you tonight. This batch, at least, is from a newer collection, OPI's Euro Centrale. When I first saw the press release for this collection, I was like, wow, I want them ALL! Once I saw them in person, though, I was decidedly meh. The only colors I ended up wanting are the ones I'm about to show you, plus one more I plan on getting, just because it's blue xD

The colors I want to show you are Can't Find my Czechbook, You're Such a Budapest, and First of all, I love all three of these, they work well together. Second, these say summer to me more than spring; actually, the entire collection does, but that's beside the point.

Up first is Can't Find my Czechbook. This is very pretty, lighter turquoise creme that's very similiar to OPI's Fly. It's not as dark, but just barely. Held up together, you can tell the difference. Do you need them both? Prolly not unless you're like me lol. I needed three coats for my swatch because I kepy putting bald spots in my application xD Best part, it doesn't stain.

Next is You're Such a Budapest. I love love love the color of this one, hate formula unfortuntely. When you first see this one, you think, oh, what a pretty purple creme! Budapest is not a creme, it has a really subtle shimmer to it. Sadly, though, it is very thin and streaky. My swatch needed 3, somewhat thicker coats, and I'm not sure if that was enough. I personally can't tell if there are any streaks or not in my swatch.

I wouldn't even call this a true purple, but a periwinkle, like the color of tanzanite. You can kinda see the shimmer in my swatch, so as much as it's a bitch to apply, I think the color is worth it.

And lastly, there's This is the glitter in the collection, and orginally, I wasn't going to get it. But's it's a blue/purple/fuschia glitter and something I don't have. The glitters are suspended in a clear base, with finer blue glitter mixed in. You could wear it alone, but it definitely looks better layered. I swatched over the other two colors, with 2 coats, and by itself, also 2 coats.

And there you go! These are my picks from the Euro Centrale collection. I fully intend on picking up Eurso Euro, but nothing else =\ None of the other colors really speak to me, but I think that's more because they're just not good colors for me.

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