Monday, April 29, 2013

Neon comparison

Good evening! I hope everyone's week has started off well :) Mine, not so much, as I sit awaiting to find out if I get called in for jury duty. I was off the hook for today, and tomorrow as well, but I'm officially on stand by all week. Boo >.>

So, to brighten my mood, I thought I would share with you a comparison of two pink neons. When I did this, months ago, I only had the two, I believe. I've since added a few more, which I'll compare all them at a later time.

For tonight's comparison, I offer you China Glaze Pink Voltage and Sinful Colors 24/7. I know for a fact they aren't the same; you can see that immediately just by bottle comparison.

Aside from them both being pink, neon, and needing 4 coats for opacity, that's where the similarities end. Pink Voltage has a shimmer to it when topcoated, and a blue flash that translates from bottle to nail. 24/7 is lighter than Pink Voltage, has no shimmer, in fact when topcoated it's just a pink neon creme. Like all neons, these dry matte and do need to be topcoated.

24/7 is swatched on my index and ring fingers, Pink Voltage on the other two, outdoors with no flash. Four coats and no topcoat.


My opinion: you could get away with having both, since they are different enough. Of course, if you're a pink lover, you'll get both anyways :P Lol

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