Saturday, July 14, 2012

All shattered up!

Good morning!

I've had an exhausting week, otherwise this post would have been up last night instead of me going to bed early :P

Have you ever found a color that just rocks your socks off? Whether it because of an awesome formula, or you love the color, or something; for whatever reason, it's just a color you can't live without. Well, for me that color is My Boyfriend Scales Walls. I've used this color at least 4 times since I got it 2 weeks ago. There isn't anything that I don't love about it.

For yesterday's mani, I started with 2 easy coats MBSW and topped with SV. Since MBSW is a blue toned white, I decided use my Blue Shatter over it. Wow, Blue Shatter really popped over MBSW!

I love how this turned out!

I wanted to let you know that both my Swatches pages are finally complete! With the exception of a few minis I don't want to waste and some flakies, my stash is there for everyone to look at. Feel free to take a look!

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