Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Independence Day!!

Hello and Happy Independence Day to my American readers! I hope y'all have enjoyed a safe and fun day. In addition to the holiday, we celebrated my grandma's 75th birthday :)

To celebrate these two occasions, I created patriotic manis for my mother and I. I'm quite proud of how they turned out. For my mother's mani, I simply did two easy coats of My Boyfriend Scales from OPI and topped it with SV on her thumbs and ring fingers, and Northern Lights on the others. For her accent fingers, I used bornpretty plate m-11 stamped in Zoya Sooki and Ibiza. Now, this is the first time I've attempted to stamp with two colors at once, and it came out so nicely. I evem managed to not smear the stamping when I applied Northern Lights over them.

My mani was a little more involved. I started with two coats of Milani's White on the Spot, which is another white I love. It applies like a dream and makes the perfect base for a gradient. I topped with SV and let that dry. Using the damp sponge technique, I then sponged WOTS and Zoya Sooki on all but my ring fingers, which I sponged WOTS and Zoya Ibiza onto. I did that a few times each then topped with SV again. Then, using the same plate I used for my mom, I stamped with China Glaze's Millennium and topped it all with Northern Lights.

So, ok, quite obviously I didn't do a Pink Wednesday; instead, I did a Pink Tuesday. I kept it pretty with Zoya Katy. Two easy coats, topped with Poshe, and done.

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