Saturday, July 28, 2012

The girl in the blue dress!

Good evening! I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. I would be enjoying mine a bit more if it wasn't hot as hell xD

Tonight I bring to yesterday's mani, which I had full intention of posting last night, but time got away from me. I finally, finally did a proper, full mani of my own created dupe of Absolutely Alice by OPI. I call it The Girl in the Blue Dress. I did this mani a little bit differently from my others; since I was doing a glitter, I used Gelous as my base as well as my topcoar, to further prevent chipping.

I must say, I'm quite impressed with how that worked! I had zero chips by the time I got home from work yesterday, which is unusual for a glitter. Over the Gelous base, I did three thin coats of my dupe, one more of Gelous, and a final of SV.

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