Sunday, July 29, 2012

Stamping Sunday!

Good evening!

So today's Stamping Sunday challenge was themed black and red. Seeing as how I got the latest set of Bundle Monster plates and colors from Zoya's latest fall collection, I dived right in. Right from the start, the color that called to me was Zoya Elisa. This red is soooooo gorgeous! I completely get the whole "lit from within" look that I keep reading about with Zoya's shimmers.

I did two, very easy, amazing coats of Elisa and topped with Poshe. I almost regret stamping over it but alas, that's the whole point of Stamping Sunday lol. The plate I picked to stamp with was Bundle Monster 323, stamped in Wet 'N Wild Black Cream. The end result reminds me very much of brocaded fabric.

I don't know why these pictures didn't come out clearer =\ The mani came out so pretty, too. Even my husband noticed and commented lol.

Also, I wanted to let my dear readers know, I will be starting my nail tech course on August 14th, so I won't be posting much, maybe twice a week.  I will be scheduling posts for Mondays that will be dedicated to dupes in my stash. I've already starting posting that as of last Monday, and plan on for tomorrow too. I will try to post for Stamping Sundays as well. I hope you enjoy those posts as I slave away for my course :P

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