Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Happy Pink Wednesday!

Good morning!

Before I show you today's pink mani, I'd like to pass along some info that has set the polish community to buzzing. This time it's caused, not by and indie polish maker or seller, but by a large and well known cosmetics company.

Earlier in the week, possibly even last week, Sinful Colors debuted new displays and "collections" at Walgreens. Included in the displays were pamphlets showing different nail art techniques and how to acheive them. Now, this is all fine and well, except A) None of the three pictures used belonged to the company, B) not a single SC polish was used in ANY of the pictured manicures, C) the very first "technique" explained isn't even freehand nail art, it's a nail stamp!, and D) they blatantly cropped out one blogger's watermark AND pasted her mani onto a model's hand.

Here are links to two of the bloggers involved:


Swatch and Learn

Both of those links go directly to their posts explaining their side of it. There is an online petiton that directly addresses this issue. I highly encourage all my readers to sign it.

Ok, now that that is done, on to today's mani!

So, I've been really enjoying people's take on the accent nail trend. I gave it a go last week, and decided to do so again this week. For my colors, I used Pink Friday and Fly from OPI's Niki Minaj collection. I did three coats each and topped with SV since I planned on stamping. The image plate I used was Bundle Monster 224 stamped with Konad Special White and Wet 'N Wild Black Cream. White over Fly, Black Cream over Pink Friday. It looks like I may need to buff my stamper, since the image didn't come out as crisp as I'd like lol. Take a look!

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