Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A few China Glaze swatches

Good evening!

So, I've finally finished retaking swatch pics that needed redoing. Most of them were glitters, and let me tell you, I officially hate photographing glitters.  More often than not, the pics come out blurry -.- Thankfully, I think I've figured out how to prevent horrible blurring.

Tonight, I'm gonna show you the few China Glaze's I had to swatch. I haven't bought any since their whole debacle with Vampy Varnish and one other blogger, and not crediting them and what not. These I've had a while. Up for consideration are Ruby Pumps, Dandy Lynin' Around, and Red Satin.

Ruby Pumps is a gorgeous, red jelly base packed with fine red glitter. Took me three coats for evenness and opacity. Dandy Lyin' Around is what I call my cream cheese frosting color with a shimmer. It's also got that wet, dewy look to it. Sadly, this swatch took me 4 coats for complete opacity and no streaks O.o So worth it, in my opinion. Red Satin is red crelly, similiar to Winter Berry. Three coats for opacity for this swatch.

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