Saturday, May 18, 2013

Another inspired mani........

Good evening!

Tonight I'm gonna show you yesterday's inspired mani :) As most you know, I love love love Shatters/Crackles, but lately, mine haven't been getting much love. It's not that I'm over them....... I've just gotten distracted from them with other polishes. One of the blogs I follow showed me a new way to wear at least one of them. 

This post from Abnorm Nails was my inspiration. I happen to own both OPI's White Shatter and China Glaze's Lightning Bolt. For this mani, I used the China Glaze over my normal base, like I would polish, then topped it with Seche so it would be dry for the sponging. I don't have all the colors that she used in hers, so I used different colors for mine. Top to bottom they were: Salon Perfect nail art color in Orange Flame (which is a right bitch to take off), Color Club's All That Razz and Disco Dress. I did have to go over it about 3 times, since they are neons, but overall I'm happy with how it turned out. I may have to try this again with different colors :)

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