Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Allllllllllllll the flakiez!!!!!

Good evening!!

This week is off to a rip roaring start >.> In an effort to try stay positive, I wanted to try out some of my new Zoyas. Let me just say, I love love love this year's summer colors. They're so bright and cheerful.

For today's mani, I used Thandie. Thandie is...... a pinky orange. It's not quite coral, because I can't pull off coral, but it's not just orange. It isn't salmon, although it's pretty close. Whatever you want to call Thandie, make sure you call her pretty. Thandie has an extremely subtle shimmer that didn't translate well onto the nail for me. I needed 3 coats for opacity, but prolly could have done with 2, since I layered a coat of Chloe over it. For once, I didn't matte a flakie mani :P

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