Friday, May 10, 2013

Feelin' pink

Good evening!

I decided to give you all a break from my flakie madness :P Instead, I wanted to touch on a trend I didn't really take part of last, but finally have tried.

Last summer, one of the big trends was matching lips and tips. At time, I didn't wear much makeup, so I passed on it. Last fall, though, I started wearing makeup again, and rebuilding my makeup stash. This week I've tried matching lips and tips, and even tips and eyes. Today was lips and tips :)

It was the perfect opportunity to wear Zoya Lolly. This color had me at hello lol. It helped that it is a matte. I needed three coats for opacity, which is fine, but I still had some...... unevenness. To solve this, I topped with Seche, then brushed on OPI's Matte Topcoat. Problem solved! I may have to try this my other matte colors, since this happens to me alot.


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