Sunday, May 12, 2013

So not a Stamping Sunday....

Good evening! 

What a busy weekend :) Not only did I just not have time to put together a mani for today's Stamping Sunday theme, I really couldn't think of, or find enough images for it =\

The theme today was, actually, not the one I voted, but was gonna try to do anyways. It was supposed to be inspired by your favorite fairytale. Now, my favorite fairytale is Disney's Beauty and the Beast...... and I could not find enough images for a mani. It was frustrating.

So, in lieu of that, I'm gonna show you some swatches. They're all Color Clubs, and they're from last year's Winter Affair collection. Mine are the minies that are scented. I only bought them, really, just to stamp with (which the three foil do nicely), and the flakie isn't really unique. Here are Berry & Bright, Ho-ho-Holly, Gift of Sparkle, and Snow-flakes over Gift of Sparkle. All are 2 coats, including the flakie.

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