Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A mani to match my new purse........lol

Good evening!

So, about a week and half ago, I was at Macy's to buy Clinique's makeup remover (which is freakin' awesome, btw!), and went to browse the handbags. Bad move, lol; I could have taken them all home xD Anyways, in the clearance bin, I found these gorgeous, neon colored clutches, which really surprised me. Long story short, I got a coupon and went bag for the clutch; I ended up with neon pink.

And it's decent size!! This new clutch is bigger than the mint one I got at Target O.o Unreal. 

Turns out, I have a color to match the neon pink clutch, China Glaze's Pink Voltage. The bag has a textured feel to it, so I decided to sponge the pink over China Glaze's Lightning Bolt, like I did last week, just the pink though. I really like how this came out. It's a little hard to tell in my pics, but in most lights, it actually looks like I have two colors, not one, sponged on. What it is, is the blue flash that Pink Voltage has over the areas that don't have the Crackle. It looked cool :)

And for fun, I added two pics of my new clutch. One is without a flash, the other is with a flash.


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