Sunday, May 5, 2013

Stamping Sunday

Good evening!

So, today is Stamping Sunday, and I actually did the challenge week. Today's theme was simply over a lilac base. It was a perfect opportunity to try out a new color I got, Zoya Malia.

I got Malia during Zoya's big Earth Day promo last month. Zoya does describe Malia as a lilac purple, so I ran with it, since I have nothing else that I could is lilac (surprisingly). Malia is very pigmented and is almost a one coater. For this mani, I did two and topped with Seche.

For the stamping, I used my new Apipila P.2 plate and Color Club's Beyond. Using this plate is going to take some practice, as it's more....... finicky than other plates I own. To avoid smearing, I cleaned up around my cuticles, then applied Seche again.

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