Monday, May 20, 2013


Good afternoon!

Today I want to show you some yellows I have that are close to dupes, or are just very similar. They be: Sinful Colors Let's Meet and Firefly, and China Glaze Sunshine Pop.

As you can see, the middle one, Firefly, appears to be the one that's the most different. To clarify, they are all a golden yellow shimmer, all three required 4 coats for no streaks and opacity (and even then...... they're tricky).

Let's take a look at them on the nail.

Ok, now we can see the differences! Let's Meet is the darkest, and has a golden fiery shimmer to it. Firefly is the middle of the three, with a silvery shimmer to it. Sunshine Pop is the lightest, with a shimmer/frost like finish. Of the three, Sunshine Pop is the best, in my opinion, and can be done in three coats with proper application. It is also my opinion, that you don't need all three, unless you absolutely can not live without ALLLLLLL the yellows!

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