Friday, May 24, 2013

A new jelly sammich!

Good evening! I hope everyone has a fun filled weekend ahead of them :) I don't have anything planned for it, but that just means anything could happen!

Tonight I want to show you a new jelly color I picked up last week. This summer, L'Oreal has released a collection of jellies, called the Miss Candy Collection. While I want just about all the colors in the collection, since they're not pink or orange, I only got Miss Pixie.

Miss Pixie is a gorgeous royal blue jelly. I actually like it much better than OPI's Dating a Royal, which is more jelly like instead of a true jelly. The biggest drawback to Miss Pixie is the STINK! Omg, does this stink. Not like Klean Color or Nabi, more like a black label OPI or my China Glaze Frostbite x.x

To make my jelly sammy, I laid down one coat of Miss Pixie first, than two coats OPI's Servin' up Sparkle, followed by another coat of Miss Pixie then Seche. It rather reminded me of what OPI's Got Your Number looks like in the bottle, or even a darker version of Last Friday Night, lol.

I've seen these mostly at Walgreens, but I'm sure they're also available at CVS and maybe Walmart. The price point isn't bad, $5.99 a bottle :)

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